Ubuntu on HP 431 – Correctly Installing ATI Radeon 6470M Drivers

by Nishant Arora on 16/07/2012

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I was too busy to post any updates here, but I recently successfully installed the proprietary drivers for ATI Radeon Graphics which are failing by default/giving issues. If you would have installed Ubuntu or any other linux flavor on your machine which has an onboard ATI HD Mobility series graphics card, then you are most likely to be helped by this post.

My Machine has a ATI Radeon 6470M 1GB Graphics and until earlier there were no proprietary drivers available for 6xxxM series in all. So Follow these steps on the machine having a similar graphics card and get this solved.

STEP 1: I suppose the ubuntu would have installed the fglrx drivers on the machine, which would not be needed, so remove it because they will definitely cause issues with your install

STEP 2: Restart and resolve any dependencies.

This will restart the system and once done.

STEP 3: Rebuild package cache

STEP 4: Creating a new directory and downloading the latest driver version from ATI’s website. At the time of posting this the latest version is 12.6 so this guide will help you install 12.6, which works great for now

STEP 5: It’s a 102M download so while take a while depending upon your bandwidth. Once done we need to download some added modules so that it is built successfully.

Again this is a combined 50M download will take a while, we are using Ubuntu 12.04 as base check this post for more requisites of other versions
STEP 6: Building the driver package as an executable for 12.04 precise

STEP 7:  If everything goes smooth, the script will complete dependencies and make the following files in the folder

Since they have been created okay, just install them

STEP 8:  If there are any broken dependencies, complete them using Synaptic, and execute the following

This will reboot the system and configure the drivers in place.
STEP 9:  Verifying the install and configure ATI Catalyst. After the boot, type into the terminal

It should output something like this

Note: If you see any mention of MESA in the output, the fglrx drivers have not been installed correctly.

Start configuring ATI catalyst:

It will start a GUI to configure all Graphics settings. Congrats you have successfully installed ATI proprietary drivers

Hope I helped!
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  • http://nishantarora.in/ Nishant Arora


    there are some issues with the developers, the drivers can be installed, but this will break the ubuntu UI, in my case, both Unity and Gnome3 broke
    Will update once I have a solution

  • Irfaan_rock_80

    Hi Sir. Can you please give information on how to install the fglrx driver on Ubuntu 12.10?? It’s not working for me. ATI Radeon 6470m with Intel integrated GPU.

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