Adding Front-End To Your Raspberry Pi Server

Nishant Arora 24/Apr/2016

I know I was suppose to tell you guys how to install scanner support to your raspberry pi print server. But before that we would like to add a front-end. Simple monitoring of the status, nothing fancy.

A quick search revealed that some users have written a script. I installed it and was setup in a couple of minutes. But you know what, this looks so 90s. :-/ I hate the design. It sucks!

So I ended up writing my own front-end for the server. Check out the screenshots:

Isn't it cool? checkout how this looked before:

Looked shit IMHO. So what I added:

  • Completely rewritten with performance in mind.
  • Less processing on server side (we're running this on Pi) more processing to the user.
  • Complete Material Design Compliance.
  • Google Charts *_*
  • No dependency.
  • Responsive Design

Download and Install instructions:


Happy Hacking :)