What does a Geeky Blogger Expect For?….

by Nishant Arora on 26/09/2011

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Well after the tweaks and hacks I put up here, I just wondered that what else would a Geeky Blogger Expect for?… Well What I wanted, I implemented, I want to know what else?… would a geeky Blogger want on his blog?…

Just to wind up:

  1. I always wanted to use the best blogging platform, here I am using WordPress, the Most Advance Blogging Platform, And I am an expert at hacking it my way!
  2. I always the theme should be serene, so I found out a theme called Vostok, and I am pretty much satisfied after hacking it. :)
  3. Then I though the background should be geeky, so I made a Circuit tile in Photoshop, (I will upload a tutorial soon…) and repeated it using CSS. Its easy!
  4. then I wanted my Blog to be integrated Socially, for which I use the Following Plugins: Share Post to display social links in each post(google plus has been hacked into it); Facebook Comments replaces the traditional comment box; Follow Me helps place in a Connect Light Box (See Right->); Fotobook imports all my albums and links into the wordpress database (and hence provides me a data-mine to creat a fancy dynamic banner.)
  5. On the SEO front, I have implemented CBNet Ping Optimizer; Some TAG Generator plugins like (YQL Auto Tagger, Configurable Tag Cloud, SEO Tag Keywords, SEO Search Terms 2); For Sitemap DDSiteMap Gen; For analytics Google Analytics and Wassup; For BreadCrumbs breadcrumb NavXT; For protection against leaching No-Follower; For Robots PC Robots.
  6. For placing Source Codes in posts I use SyntaxHighlighter.
  7. And some related and Random Posts plugins…
Well these are just some outlines, I will soon give you the Codes to hack the plugins and make them look like mine, hope many of you will be looking forward to it.. :)
PS: I will be looking forward to hear from you guyz!.. :))

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