Python Golfing: HackerEarth Edition

by Nishant Arora on 19/07/2014

I was going through my hackerearth profile and in the recomended problem section I came accross this problem named Minimal Combinatorial. The problem in itself is very simple, you just need to calculate nCr (BTW, nCr = n!/(r!*(n-r)!), combinatorics 101), but the catch is, you need to write a code (in your favourite language, of course!) which takes the minimum number of characters. The score of a code is calculated as:

score = (1000 – characters) * 10

Simply put, the source code with character count == 0, has score 100, which is impossible. The highest score I could locate was 92.6 (Ruby), which means the entire code was written in 74 characters (pretty impressive I say). But I do not speak ruby, let’s try with Python.

Initial Code (Just for understanding)[216 chars]:

Initial Iteration (original submission)[152 chars]:

Just using the standard libraries instead of custom function and getting rid of long names and spaces.

2nd Iteration [152 chars]:

No character improvements, but using lambda function

3rd Iteration [150 chars]:

re-writing the 1st iteration

4th Iteration [148 chars]:

tweaking the for loop

5th Iteration [138 chars]:

getting rid of empty lines for good.

6th Iteration [113 chars]:

merging the function in the loop.

7th Iteration [109 chars]:

the raw_input for i is not actually needed, just input() can be used, as there would be just one integer to be read.

8th Iteration [107 chars]:

the math module was just too messy. Using lambda function instead. however, it won’t deal when number=0. But we do not need that anyways.

9th Iteration [106 chars]:

minor iterations with the writing style, (check the ‘or’), still the for loop takes a lot of space. :(

10th Iteration [101 chars]:

I can of course assign raw_input to a variable and use it instead. Also, the entire statement can be put inside the exec() and multiplied by the cases, a neat implementation of for loop.


So, Finally, my score: 89.90

The best I could achieve is 101 characters with python. But the other guy has it 74 characters in ruby. Maybe ruby is more concise, but this is the most Pythonic solution I could achieve. Please drop in your comments and help me make it even more concise. (If Possible.. :P)



Happy Hacking

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