Youtube On Repeat Chrome Extension

by Nishant Arora on 18/04/2014

Hi There

I love streaming songs  on and then there are always some times when you want to repeatedly here to one particular song only. But hitting the repeat button again and again is a hell lot of task, to add to that, the repeated ads. It’s frustrating. Comes to rescue is a great service, which does just that. A colleague and a great friend of mine Utkarsh Kulshreshta introduced me to this service. All you have to do is, just append “onrepeat” string to youtube for the current playing video, to make it The same video will loop till you want it to, ad free.

I just had an idea to write a chrome extension which would introduce a repeat button next to the video title and help us out do the same.

Extension Chrome Webstore Link:

Extension Source Code:


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